Astro Chain


Astro Chain

from ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada

allows up to 7 places to hook our Astro Bungee Systems to at varying heights and can be used for ceiling heights from 7’ to 17’ feet high. Above 18’ feet can be handled by adding a Rope Extension.

Our Astro Chain connects to our Astro Anchor ceiling mount on top, then to our Astro Bungee Training Systems on the other end. Just select the appropriate loop based on the height of the user and your ready for your next bungee workout!

Astro Chain is tightly woven for maximum strength and durability. They come in black to compliment any Astro Bungee Sleeve colour.

If your ceiling height is higher than 17' feet add our Astro Rope Extender which can be ordered in varying lengths and will accommodate any ceiling height.

Astro Chain from AstroDurance Canada

Astro Chain specifics:


Made in North America

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How are ASTRO-DURANCE® Bungees better?

The patent pending tube lining in our ASTRO-DURANCE® bungees provide more buoyancy and stretch helping users to be lighter on their feet during training. Our design creates a much safer experience allowing users of all skill levels, including those with disabilities or needing rehabilitation, to maximize individual performance. Our patent pending bungee sleeves are extremely durable and washable, handmade using a heavier fabric that won’t bunch up or fall down no matter how extreme your workout is.


Care is important! 

Bungees MUST be stored hanging or laying flat in a clean, dry environment AT ROOM TEMPERATURE and out of direct sunlight, hanging from a carabiner OR laying flat. Failing to do so can drastically reduce their lifespan.


ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada products carry a 1-year replacement warranty, excluding the actual bungees themselves, which are a heavy wear, consumable product. We offer a well-discounted replacement price on single bungees without the sleeves at least 60 days after the initial verified purchase of ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada bungee systems.

Our bungees can often experience extreme use, or abuse, beyond our reasonable ability to control or verify how studios, trainees or end users use them. ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada bungees are made of top of the line, high quality materials, however, as with all bungee products, they will eventually need to be replaced over time due to overstretching from repetitive use, and over stretching from snap back G-forces when doing advanced, aggressive moves. 


Returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.