John and Julia Hayes Suited Up

John and Julia Hayes, owners of ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada, have been married and working partners for 30 years.
Successfully owned and operated international underground high voltage installation companies. Specialized in lead cable splicing and installation (third generation) Owned and operated high voltage electrical supply company.

Currently own and operate a pesticide free regulation nine-hole golf course north of Toronto. This is our retirement project and challenges us to find innovative ways to enjoy the golfing experience without polluting and damaging the water table and environment.

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“We have been enticed out of our much anticipated and comfortable senior lifestyle by Patty Cummings’s dream of fitness for all - regardless of age, mobility, injury or physical challenges. We have spent the past two months in Cape Coral as “snowbirds” and the ‘ASTRO-DURANCE® bungee systems’ enabled me to drop 20 lbs. But more importantly, it has successfully corrected a very bad limp caused by deteriorating arthritic hip. I no longer experience that sharp pain when I move or the ache that was my constant companion when I was stationary. I never dreamed I would experience the thrill of releasing endorphins, strengthening my body and stimulating my lymphatic system. And the added bonus- it’s fun!”

– Julia Hayes”

“We feel that although the baby boomers are aging, they are still interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Traditional fitness programmes are hard on the body and intimidating. ASTRO-DURANCE® appealed to us because we have witnessed substantial improvements in clients who
have suffered strokes, depression, cerebral palsy, obesity, neuropathy, brain bleeds, arthritic knees and hips, back pain. ASTRO-DURANCE® bungee training is equally appropriate for those fitness buffs who want the maximum benefit from a high intensity fun workout. The bungee system provides resistance which both reduces stress on the joints and a high cardiovascular exercise programme.”

- John Hayes