Bulk Bungee Packages

Check out our brand new ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada Bulk Bungee System Packages. There are perfect for starter fitness studios to large gyms! A great selection of our sizes and bungee systems are included to get you started quickly.

Prices in Canadian dollars and include shipping and taxes banner
6) Astro Starter Package
Astro Starter Package  6 Bungee Fitness Systems! from ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada Includes 6 complete ASTRO-DURANCE® Systems to get your bungee fitness studio...
12) Astro Pro Package
Astro Pro Package  12 Bungee Fitness Systems from ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada Includes 12 complete ASTRO-DURANCE® Systems to fill out your mid-sized bungee fitness studio! ...
24) Astro All Pro Package
Astro All Pro Package  24 Bungee Fitness Systems from ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada Includes 24 complete ASTRO-DURANCE® Systems to fill a large bungee fitness studio!  .  ....
30) Astro Extreme Pro Package
Astro Extreme Pro Package  30 Bungee Fitness Systems from ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada Includes 30 complete ASTRO-DURANCE® Systems to fill large bungee fitness studios and gyms...