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ASTRO-DURANCE Canada is so excited to bring bungee fitness training to Canada and here is proof positive that ASTRO-DURANCE® bungee training provides fitness for everybody regardless of age, aches, ability and agility. 

Every product needs positive reviews and thanks to ASTRO-DURANCE® in the U.S., our ASTRO-DURANCE Canada Bungee Systems are loaded with amazing reviews even though we just launched near Toronto. Personal trainers, studio owners, rehabilitation professionals we stand ready to arm your fitness facility with the same products that will bring you reviews like these!

Al Pike age 71:

“It’s Dynamite! Best workout program been in since 1995 – cause it’s the only one! NO workout as stated since 1995 and am glad to be a part of this program! Feeling better about myself and have lost about 22 pounds and 3 inches off waist line in less than 3 months. I recommend to all ages!! You’ll have fun and feel better.”


Cindy Trayner age 76:

“It’s phenomenal! I’ve had a lot of difficulty losing weight and I’ve lost 6 lbs. The bungee makes me feel great it’s unexplainable! It makes you want to do something for yourself.”


Jennifer Melcher age 52:

“I have non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Not having the strength to work out the Bungee has helped me regain strength and stamina, I feel strong again after my treatment!”


Samantha G.:

“Makes me feel empowered, pushes you to a limit you never thought you had! The bungee also gives me confidence.”


Tucker G. age 15:

“Makes you feel weightless! Provides ultimate solution to training. The Bungee pushes your range of motion because you are weightless!”


Robert Kuchuk age 70:

“Makes me feel good. The bungee has made my legs and arms stronger! I really enjoy it. It gives me confidence when working out that I won’t fall on my face!”


Amanda Schimansky age 48:

“I’ve never had a better workout experience than I have with P2 personal training’ ASTRO-DURANCE® Bungee. The classes are engaging and use more of a one-on-one experience. After 2 weeks I already feel better about my body and myself and look forward to each workout!”


Alex T. age 27:

“Revolutionary! I have bad knees and have always had issues with high impact exercises. But the bungee eliminates that entirely. The Pain in my knees whenever I do cardio exercises such as running. Absolutely recommend!”


Colette K. age 15:

“Fantastic! When I tried out the bungee for the first time it was amazing! I felt weightless and was able to do all of the exercises without any unnecessary pain. I would tell everyone young and old to try out (ASTRO-DURANCE®) bungees”


Kim Krzywich age 47:

“Amazing. I feel the bungee in just the few times that I have done it has been life changing! I never felt that I could do any exercise at all, let alone something so intense and I love it and feel so great after.”


Lisa Harloff age 35:

"Amazing! When I started in March 2017 I could hardly walk. I had back injuries from an auto accident. Now 4 months later I am doing everything I could plus more! I would recommend this to anyone with injuries that want their lives back!”


Ariane Gaede age 40:

"Weightless! I started classes in January, and it’s working out my whole body, lost inches, my muscles are growing. I just feel great and I can move like a 20-year-old!”


Mikala Olancin age 22:

"Fun! ASTRO-DURANCE® is great for losing weight, I’m sweating for my wedding and I’ve lost 2 dress sizes already!”


Liz Olancin age 60:

"Amazing! ASTRO-DURANCE® is amazing I highly recommend bungee workouts. The workouts have helped me with toning, strength and flexibility!”


Jamie Cunningham age 36:

“It’s Amazing! Bungee has made me a believer- doing things that I never thought I could do. No back pain, truly pain free. I would recommend this to anyone who thinks they can’t do it, because you can!”

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