Why You Need AstroDurance in Your Facility

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Why YOU Need ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada Bungee Systems in your Training Facility

ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada is thrilled to share this news story brought by Morning News Anchor Gary Brode, with ABC 7 SWFL when he spent time in P2 Personal Training’s studio in Florida that showcased the ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada Bungee Training System.

It allowed for this great opportunity to listen to some great testimonies about real life change due to ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada Bungee Training System from some of P2PT’s clientele that have used it.

ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada Bungee Systems were created for gyms, fitness studios and rehab professionals to provide for their own clientele. Watch the following video created by ABC 7 during their live video session and we know you will be amazed by the testimonies AND by the fun everyone is having while they are getting fit!  

As your trainees or patients experience what Chiropractor Dr. Jack Ludwig from Island Chiropractic Center says in this video you will become their #AstroHero! Dr. Jack says the Astro Bungee, “Assists with alignment, balance and symmetry because the muscles are being used equally on each side. Sparing your joints when you use (the ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada Bungee System) allows for faster healing.”

P2PT’s client Heather has become an #AstroHero herself! As a fitness professional that is providing ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada #BungeeWorkouts you will be blown away when your trainee’s are give you reviews like Heather’s. On this live interview with Gary Brode, Heather shares that she has been using Astro #BungeeTraining since December 2016. Heather says she, “suffered from anxiety and depression, but now is down 113 pounds and 60 inches,” after only a few weeks! Heather says “Don’t wait. You can do this! Now I can do squats, I can run without hearing my knees crunch,” and she is now anxiety free!

ASTRO-DURANCE® U.S. co-owner, and Astro Bungee creator Patty Cummings adds, “Using Astro Bungees if your trainee does a 10 minute workout and doesn’t stop, your client can achieve a 412 calorie burn in one session!”

As Miss Cummings says in this video, the ASTRO-DURANCE® system is equally as effective in Strength Training. As Gary Brode tried our system she pointed out “with 220 pounds of resistance, then also using weights #BungeeStrengthTraining also stretches muscles at the same time; working the body the right way without hurting. “Athletes can do high endurance training like Tucker who is a kayaking silver medalist,” says Patty.

Personal Trainers, as fellow Personal Trainer Patty says now you can “Organically train the right way!” We have made ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada Bungee Systems strictly available to the fitness professionals. We want people training right on our bungee system to have the best body experience possible. We know that can only happen through you as professional trainers, qualified gym professionals, studio owners, and physiotherapists.

P2 Personal Training’s regimen using Astro Bungee Workouts is to offer ten 30 Minute ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada classes a day. A personal trainer works with each client at their own level during the same 30 minute class. Patty states that, “A 30 minute workout is a very intense workout,” because the ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada Bungee System is personally customized for each clients’ weight and abilities so it provides an extremely high cardio program that revs metabolism to start burning fat immediately!

Patty also espouses kids using ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada Bungee Training, whether for fitness, sports training or weight issues. “Kids are gaining great benefit from ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada Weight Training whether to compliment the training for their school sport or for weight loss.” Astro Bungee Workouts stretch the back muscles and work their core just the same as adults. Personal Trainers don’t miss out on working with child athletes and clientele as well!

Rehabilitation professionals and personal trainers please listen to Vickie tell her story on the end of this video. Vickie shares how she has, “no knee caps. They were both removed surgically when she was younger. She couldn’t run, jump or do lunges. Three weeks in with ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada Bungee Training and she can now run, jump and do lunges.” She excitedly says, “It’s been amazing! My depression is gone and strength is back. I can now ride my bike three miles a day after only three weeks working out with the bungee!”

ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada Bungee System Is made of the highest quality materials and are “Made in the USA!” Astro Bungee Sleeves are attractive, very well made and available in a variety of color combinations to compliment any training environment. You specify the colors, and we help provide the right amount of equipment to cover the number of bungee systems you want based upon the size and condition of your clientele. 

Gym and fitness studio owners, and physiotherapy centers; whether using one or multiple ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada Bungee Systems turnaround time for your financial investment is fast, while the payoff in testimonials by happy and excited trainees at your facility will be priceless! We are confident you will see your clientele grow as excitement spreads, just as history has shown P2 Personal Training installed their first Astro Bungees late in 2016.

Contact us and we will happily walk with you from your first question through installation and beyond! The ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada Team is excited to help you and your fitness arena…


Visit our ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada Bungee Store!

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