Lisa Part 1 – Bungee Rehab Cerebral Palsy

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Lisa  Part 1 – Bungee Rehab for Athetoid Cerebral Palsy

Lisa  Part 1 – Bungee Rehab for Athetoid Cerebral Palsy


When we were down in Cape Coral, Florida last year I had the privilege of meeting Lisa and her parents using ASTRO-DURANCE® Bungees for rehabilitation for her cerebral palsy.   Like us, they were taking advantage of southern Florida’s beautiful winter climate (they come over each year from the United Kingdom). 
I was there the first day that Lisa came into the studio, and she subsequently trained with Patty Cummings daily after my workout.  I was amazed at her Mom and Dad and their dedication to improving her quality of life and mobility.   Her progress was rapid and it wasn’t long before she could stand flat footed – something which had always seemed beyond Lisa’s capabilities.   So many “firsts” were happening on a daily basis but I think the most gratifying thing for me was to see the sense of accomplishment on Lisa’s face.   She worked hard but seemed to be enjoying the low impact freedom of the bungee.

Lisa was the second person I had met at P2 Personal Training studio with cerebral palsy – the first being CJ (Chris and Brandi’s ten year old son).   I also met a third client, Donna, who also fully endorses her workout on the bungee system (please see separate videos)

I met many people who were being helped with medical challenges but also people who were there just having fun doing aerial exercises I never thought were possible.   You just don’t see that many smiles and laughter in a normal workout facility.    It got us to thinking how sad it is that there is not really anywhere in Canada where you can get a low impact, high intensity workout for the person with physical limitations or age restrictions.    I now sit in the mall sometimes and just watch people walking by.   So many are limping or are obviously in some kind of pain.    My own hip pain (arthritis) disappeared in about four sessions.    This is something that John and I want to be part of.   A movement.   The future of Fitness…..

There is absolutely no reason for you not to be active anymore.   Stretching is good – Pumping the blood around your body is good.   It doesn’t have to be painful.   Cardio is good and can be so much fun you don’t even realize you are working out.   Bungee exercise is also effective in fighting depression, anxiety and feelings of isolation.

So come on, join in – let’s get ASTRO-DURANCE® Canada up and running in every community.   Please share, like and follow us on Facebook , subscribe to our YouTube channel and visit our website.

Remember – Everyone has fun on a bungee!!!!!!

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