Julia's Journey Chapter 7

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Julia's Journey 

Making Bungee Fitness Fun for Everyone 

Chapter 7

Going to see Patty quickly became a very important part of my day. I can’t begin to tell you how good it felt to wake up in the morning without experiencing a gnawing ache in my hip. I was also enjoying the fact, that due to working out on the bungee, my feet and ankles had lost the blackish purple colour and were once more pink and healthy looking and no more tingling in the toes. I would wake up and luxuriate about how well I felt and then get up without any pain, have my breakfast and then- off to the races!!!!

At this stage of the game, John was joining me in the studio. Ever the skeptic, he had waited a couple of months to see if he could notice any difference in my health. He saw that I was now able to do 100 pushups and squats and lunges – things that I never thought I would be able to do – Heck – I couldn’t even do those before I became a senior!!!!!!!!

Both of John’s knees are badly arthritic and he requires cortisone shots so he felt that it might be too much for him. But it definitely wasn’t. Aaron trained him for the remaining time we had left in Florida and John certainly felt a huge difference. It was so much fun and a nice way to spend time with the love of my life! One day we worked out with Patty’s mom, Diane, and that was a blast! Everyone seemed to be there that day. Patty, Chris, Aaron and Norley, (he’s the one that keeps jumping up and looking into the camera!)

I think that’s what I like most about ASTRO-DURANCE® Bungee System. It is fun and applicable for all ages and fitness levels. I see applications for;

  • Teenagers in the summer holidays when their school sporting activities are not available
  • Hockey players wanting some intense strength training
  • Moms who want a fun workout
  • Athletes recovering from injury but still wanting to work out
  • Seniors who are intimidated by regular fitness facilities
  • People with disabilities who require physiotherapy
  • Dancers
  • yoga lovers

the list is endless!

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Will this work for you?

Julia's Journey, Making Bungee Fitness Fun for Everyone is brought to you by Julia Hayes, co-owner of AstroDurance Canada with her husband John. Julia's passion is to make #BungeeFitness fun and accessible for all ages and abilities throughout Canada and help you learn what #BungeeTraining can do for you.


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