Julia's Journey Chapter 6

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Julia's Journey 

Making Bungee Fitness Fun for Everyone 

Chapter 6

After a month I was finally able to achieve one of my major goals - To be able to run. Admittedly, I am not the most graceful runner in the world but as we say back home in the UK "out of little acorns - mighty oaks do grow!!" It is a good start don't you think?

The funny thing was - There were many ladies who came up to me and whispered "you inspired me - I ran around my living room last night" (haha) or something similar. Maybe we can start a new movement (pun intended) for seniors.

FYI, I have a brother back in the UK - George. George has always kept fit and works out regularly. I secretly admire George but since childhood we have been competitive so I would never admit it to him........Anything he can do - I can do better!!!!!!

Should we start a new movement for seniors and people needing rehabilitation?

Julia's Journey, Making Bungee Fitness Fun for Everyone is brought to you by Julia Hayes, co-owner of AstroDurance Canada with her husband John. Julia's passion is to make #BungeeFitness fun and accessible for all ages and abilities throughout Canada and help you learn what #BungeeTraining can do for you.


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