Julia's Journey Chapter 5

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Julia's Journey 

Making Bungee Fitness Fun for Everyone 

Chapter 5

I hated the fact that I had so much trouble putting on my shoes. Now after a short time using bungee training  can do it again! This still takes an effort but at least I don’t have to keep asking John to help me now.

Right from the start you can see how much fun you can have using ASTRO-DURANCE®. I don’t remember the last time I actually went up on my toes or when I did a jump.

I do have some video of the first time I did a push up, but am not sure it is suited for public viewing! I was not very good. Maybe I will show it though because I would really like you to know that if I can do it - so can you!

What is something you hope could change if you could try bungee training?
Julia's Journey, Making Bungee Fitness Fun for Everyone is brought to you by Julia Hayes, co-owner of AstroDurance Canada with her husband John. Julia's passion is to make #BungeeFitness fun and accessible for all ages and abilities throughout Canada and help you learn what #BungeeTraining can do for you.


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