Julia's Journey Chapter 4

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Julia's Journey 

Making Bungee Fitness Fun for Everyone 

Chapter 4

We all have our dreams and goals - Don't we? The difference between a dream and a goal is the answer to the question "Are you prepared to do what is necessary to make this happen?" I am in the process of turning my dreams into goals - and it is fun................

At the beginning I wrote down four dreams - One was to run - The second was to put on and tie up my own shoes (My arthritic hip prevents this) and the third was to slim down enough to wear a pretty dress. I used to love wearing dresses.

The fourth was a biggie..... To be flexible enough to get out of my new jacuzzi bathtub. I waited all my life to be able to afford a jacuzzi tub and now I can't get out of it!!!! I am not there yet - will keep you posted!!!!

No More Limp!

What are your dreams and goals?
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