Julia's Journey Chapter 3

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Julia's Journey 

Making Bungee Fitness Fun for Everyone 

Chapter 3

This was one of the amazing things that happened fairly early on in my training. Having been sedentary (although I did used to walk) for the past few years and being diabetic - I had noticed that the tips of my toes used to "tingle". Also the sides of my ankle were a very "angry" colour. Kinda red and dark purple and mottled. Very poor circulation and blood was pooling in my feet.

My trainer, Patty Cummings, got me doing this exercise and concentrated on the blood flow down and back to the feet and within a week there was an amazing difference. I started out just being able to do this for about fifteen seconds. The increased pumping of the blood also eliminated the pain in my arthritic hip. It was interesting that Patty said she could see the difference in muscle between my right and left legs where I was favouring my left leg to avoid putting pressure on my right hip.

"Can I stop now" I said (after 15 seconds!). "No" - said Patty!!! - but then she had mercy!!!!!

I now have absolutely NO tingling, my feet are a nice healthy colour and my hip pain is virtually non-existent (no more painkillers for me)! I can now do three full minutes of jogging - more to follow........ Thank you ASTRO-DURANCE®!

What personal change would you like to achieve if you could use bungee training?

Julia's Journey, Making Bungee Fitness Fun for Everyone is brought to you by Julia Hayes, co-owner of AstroDurance Canada with her husband John. Julia's passion is to make #BungeeFitness fun and accessible for all ages and abilities throughout Canada and help you learn what #BungeeTraining can do for you.


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