Julia Flies and A Great Surprise

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Every now and again, through hard work and sheer determination, a person gets to experience the thrill of achieving a long anticipated goal. This happened to me just before we left Florida to come home to Canada for the summer. Right at the beginning of working out on ASTRO-DURANCE® - I had admired those who could FLY. Patty watched over me so carefully and wouldn't allow me to attempt this move. However, she finally gave me the go ahead and this was a huge deal for me. Flying is very exhilarating - forcing the blood to the head releasing endorphins. I often look at this video clip to remind myself that anything is possible. Who would have believed that this was possible. Now I want to go in the other direction - just like Peter Pan.

Actually flying on a bungee was not the only goal that has come to fruition. This one is a biggie!

We had a goal of bringing fitness for everyone back to Canada and sharing the benefits and fun of a bungee workout. Proud and pleased to report that AD Bungee Fitness is opening its doors at 104 High Street, Sutton, Ontario LOE1RO - (905)722-7576. Yesterday, four clients tried this out - It was so much fun - They had a blast!

So, I want to leave with a few thoughts. A dream becomes a goal with the first step! Out of little acorns MIGHTY oaks do grow!!! Everyone smiles on a bungee!!!

Until the next time............

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